If you think of some of the pleasant things in life, good food and good company would be in there somewhere. At Search we are helping to host and organise lunches across the west of Newcastle. This is a fairly new project for us at Search but in time we want to see lunch clubs or joint lunches/shopping trips in every neighbourhood. In addition to the groups below we have produced a fact sheet covering all the lunch clubs we are aware of in the West of Newcastle.

Lunch Clubs

Right now we have a traditional lunch club at Bishops Court in Slatyford. Every Thursday from 11 am to 2 pm, activities, exercise and a great lunch are on offer.The lunch at Bishop's Court has transport provided. 

Buy and Bite

Buy and Bite combines an assisted shopping trip to a local supermarke with a shared lunch at the cafe inside. It's a great opprtunity to get the shopping in and meet new friends over a meal. A minibus picks people up from their front door and returns them afterwards.  An assisted shop follows to pick up the week's essentials at the supermarket.  

Buy and Bite runs on:

  • Mondays to West Denton Morrisons
  • Wednesdays to Cowgate Morrisons

There is a small charge for the door to door transport and the minibus begins picking up around 10.30 am.

There are other irons in the fire too so keep coming back to this poage for more news. 

If you like the idea of our current lunch clubs or Buy and Bite please give us a ring on 0191 273 7443. Why miss out on the good things in life?