Pension Credit is an income related benefit for pensioners.


It is made up of two different parts, Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. To be eligible for Guarantee Credit you must have reached the Pension Credit qualifying age. This is gradually increasing from 60 to 66 by 2020. To find out the date from which you qualify, you can use the State Pension age calculator. Further changes to the State Pension age are likely to affect the Pension Credit qualifying age. The age for Savings Credit is 65.

Important information for couples: At present while you must have reached the qualifying age for Guarantee Credit, you can still claim if your partner is under the qualifying age. This will change with the introduction of Universal Credit, where both partners have to reach qualifying age. It is important therefore to make sure you claim and get Pension Credit as soon as possible and before it’s too late.

• In effect from April 2016

Entitlement to ‘Savings Credit’ part of Pension Credit ends for those who reach State Pension Age on or after 6 April 2016 and also ends for ‘mixed age’ couples unless one of them has continuously been on it since before 6 April 2016.
The rule which allows savings to be ignored (called ‘assessed income periods’) for Pension Credit claims is phased out.